V-Soft Installation Guide

Setup Checklist

Please use this checklist to prepare for your installation. Each computer that will be used for access to the V-Soft (Visitor Student or Faculty Tracking) must have a minimum of the following:

NOTE: Installation should not be performed until minimum requirements are met.

  • Is the designated computer a PC with a minimum of a Pentium III processor or equivalent? (Not compatible with Mac)
  • Does the designated computer have Windows 7, XP or Vista operating system? (Workstation must have all the latest service pack updates installed, including .NET framework version 3.5 SP1)
  • Does the designated computer have a high speed internet connection? (V-Soft cannot be used without a high speed internet connection)
  • Meets RAM requirements (1 GB recommended; additional applications running simultaneously may require additional RAM)
  • Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher (will not function with Mozilla FireFox or Google Chrome)
  • One available USB port for each Raptor peripheral device (scanners and printers). Hub devices are not recommended for RaptorWare equipment.
  • Power outlet for RaptorWare Printer
In order for the V-Soft system to function properly, all users of the V-Soft system MUST have full control rights of the following folders:
  • Program Files\Dymo
  • Program Files\Raptor Technologies
  • %temp%


  • Plug in all equipment except your RaptorWare scanner. Cancel any Windows wizards that may appear.
  • If you are installing replacement equipment, you MUST uninstall the existing equipment prior to doing so.
  • Directions and additional information can be found in the Knowledge Base at: www.raptorware.com
  • Note: Version numbers and screens shown may differ slightly from the version you are installing.

Setup Steps

The V-soft setup will appear. Click "Next" to continue. If you are reinstalling V-Soft, a short uninstallation process may begin.
Select the hardware you will be installing. Verifying the image of the scanner you purchased by selecting the scanner from the drop down menu. Click the "Next" button.
Click the "Next" button.
Click the "Next" button. Files will load automatically.
Please wait for the software to install.
To start installing the scanner, plug the scanner into a USB port. Wait for the hardware wizard to appear to load the device driver.
On some computers, the hardware wizard will open. Start installing the scanner with the recommended software by clicking "Next".
Choose the most recent version driver to install. (Typically the last option in the list.)
Click "Continue Anyway" or "Install the driver software anyway" to continue. Wait for the drivers to load.
Your computer may need to reboot to finalize installation.
If you are installing a Raptorware (ScanShell 800R or DX only), you will be required to calibrate the scanner. Calibrate the scanner by inserting the card labeled "Calibration Paper" with the black lines face down and the arrows pointing forward (see illustration). Click Calibrate. You will receive message when the calibration is complete. If unsuccessful, please try again.

Additional Steps

Run the diagnostic tool by clicking at the bottom left of your screen: Start > Programs>V-Soft > Diagnostics. Click "Start Diagnostics". If it displays one or more red "x", simply click on "Fix Problems."

A message will display indicating the problems have been fixed. Run the diagnostic tool again to confirm the problems have been fixed and two green check marks should display.

Each user that logs into the computer must run the diagnostics once prior to logging into V-soft.

For more information on troubleshooting, consult the Help Menu in V-soft or the Knowledge Base at www.raptorware.com

After installation of the RaptorWare hardware, you will need to set up some basic functions of the V-Soft application.

  1. Log In Account Access: You will first need to call Raptor's Technical Support team to obtain a username and password to log into the system. WHEN CALLING, CHOOSE THE OPTION FOR TECHNICAL SUPPORT.
  2. Users: Setting up Users in the system is the simple process of entering information for each end user of the system, as well as setting their administrative permissions. This can be found under Admin > Create Users.
  3. Alert Notification: The Alert Notification in the V-Soft system will need to be set with e-mail addresses and cell phone numbers of those designated to receive an alert. This can be found under Admin > Global Settings.
  4. Private Alert Setup: Private Alerts can be entered for individuals with restraining orders, custody issues and other matters. They are entered by personnel at the school or district level. You may want to enter information for your Private Alerts prior to implementing the V-Soft application in your school. Additional Private Alerts can be entered at any time. Click on Admin > Private Alerts.
  5. Importing Student Information: Student information can be imported for use with the Student module. The Student module is useful for checking in late students and printing tardy badges, as well as checking out students early. See the Help Menu to learn how to set up your file. To print tardy badges, an additional RaptorWare printer and Student Badges are required. These are not included with a basic system. Call our order department to find out how to order.

A bar code scanner wand can be purchased to scan Student ID badges with bar codes.


877-7-RAPTOR (877-772-7867) toll free

PLEASE SELECT OPTION 2 for Technical Support.


Online on-demand interactive training

Our online training is excellent for new users. The training is broken down into sessions. Each session applies to particular modules in the software. You only need to watch the training sessions that apply to you. We highly recommend that all users and even administrators watch the Overview to have a complete understanding of the software's functions.

Additional information can be found in the V-Soft Help Menu, or by calling Raptor Technologies Technical Support team at the number below.

WebEx Training

A complete live training session via WebEx can be arranged through the Raptor Technical Support team. To make an appointment

for a WebEx training session, call the number below, or e-mail us at support@raptorware.com. All participants in WebEx trainings are required to complete the online training prior to the WebEx. This will ensure you have a basic understand of the program and that you get the absolute most of your time with us. All WebEx appointments are subject to schedule availability.

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